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LinkedIn is the platform for B2B companies. It allows potential customers to view your company and activities. By having a professional, well-designed business page, your company will look a lot better.
75% of the total workforce has a LinkedIn profile. It is a huge shame not to be active within this target group. The Netherlands is one of the most active countries on LinkedIn.

A lead via LinkedIn can be of great value. A lead for a B2C customer can amount to several thousands of euro's and a lead for a B2C company can amount to several hundreds of thousands of euro's. So a lead on LinkedIn is often a lot more valuable than a lead for a B2C company via Instagram or Facebook.

Besides the proper management of the LinkedIn page it is also possible to advertise on the platform. Compared to Facebook and Instagram this is a bit more expensive. This is logical if you look at the potential value of one lead.
At Maximizd everything is possible. From managing your company page to advertising various products or services on behalf of your company.
For a B2B company, a professional LinkedIn page is the key to success in making more profit.

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