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The potential reach on facebook is enormous, but how you can use this potential is much more difficult. That is our strength. We jointly ran many (I mean like… many) campaigns. And we made the same mistakes in the beginning as everyone who start advertising on Facebook for the first time. Those mistakes come with a price tag. Many companies drop out after such a downer. We have developed ourselves and now know exactly which switches we have to flip to ensure that every campaign runs successfully.

Facebook resultaten

Above you see an example of a clear overview of 1 of the successful campaigns that Maximizd has carried out. We list the statistics in such a way that it is easy to read. You can clearly see what amount was spent, how many people click through after seeing the ad and how many clicked in total. We analyze how many people have added the product to the shopping cart, how many then proceed to the checkout process, and then how many people actually complete their purchase. This way we can measure exactly which steps are going well or not on the website. Such an overview makes it so clear that, based on that data, we also know what could not go well on a website and immediately anticipate based on that information. This goes beyond promoting a page post.

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