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What is online marketing?

Online marketing is promoting your business, brand, products or services on the internet with the intention of getting more visitors to your website, building more brand awareness and / or ultimately generating more sales.

Online is a broad concept, and online marketing takes place through various digital channels. Well-known online marketing channels and activities are:

- Social Media Marketing
- Search engine optimization (SEO)
- Paid advertising on search engines (SEA)
- Conversion Optimization
- Email Marketing
- Display Advertising
- Web Analytics

The possibilities of Online marketing are growing day by day and it could certainly be that this list is even more extensive . Can't find something you would like to know, or are we not giving an example of a service you are looking for here? Just contact us, we can do everything.

Do I really need social media?

The answer is yes. Let me you explain why.

- Only because you have no interest in Social Media it does not mean that Social Media is not interested in you. There are people who leave reviews of your products, complain, ask questions. You may not see all that, but potential customers and potential employees can. That's because they will google your company or product before making a purchase or contacting them. Research shows that 80% of people do that.

- Social media is where your target audience is. With a few rare exceptions, people of all ages, interests and socio-economic statuses are featured on social media. Every popular Social Media platform has a wider reach than all TV channels combined.

- The slow and painful death of traditional advertising. Undoubtedly, TV, radio and billboards were once powerful. At one point, however, there was so much advertising that people became immune to it. Our mind has learned to filter out everything that looks like an ad. And be aware, Social Media Marketing does not look like an advertisement. The whole idea of social media is to be an informative and entertaining channel rather than a promotional one. And this way, surprisingly, it still works for promotion.

- When done right, social media marketing creates trust and loyalty by harming companies that feel they are a 'business', a 'system' made to suck just the money out of the customers. Social Media shows that real people work for the company.

- Social media facilitate word of mouth marketing. People don't listen to companies, people listen to friends. So when they see a friend on Facebook who "likes" a business page, they are more likely to believe they are selling really good products.

- And so many more reasons.

What does content mean?

Creating good content is high on almost all marketing agendas. But what does that actually mean "content."

If you ask us, content means all production of information. Online, this can be the texts and images for a new website, videos, displays, blogs, e-mails or, for example, infographics . Offline content are for example brochures or a physical letter.
Do you get the question to work out a content strategy for a company? Then ask carefully about the frameworks, budget and goals of this content strategy.

Meaning Leads

A lead is a phase in the sales process. Viewed from online marketing, a lead is a visitor to the website who gets in contact about one of the services. A lead is often also an online conversion.
For us, the meaning of a lead is "the step for a sale."
Examples of online leads:
- A visitor to the website that fills out the contact form.
- A visitor to the website who starts a chat.
- A visitor to the website who contacts us by telephone.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is an online goal that you can measure. Conversions can be hard sales results, such as the sale of a service or service. But there are also softer conversions, such as registering for a newsletter or downloading a white paper .

Examples of conversions:

- Order products in the web store
- Request form for a service
- Use a contact form
- Sign up for a newsletter - Click on phone number - Start a chat

What does your service cost?

Every company is different. After a meeting or conference call, in which we discussed everything and collected the correct data, we will make an appropriate plan for your company.
We want customers pay correct prices for what gets done. In some cases not a lot work is needed, it’s only fair to not pay the jackpot. In other cases a lot of advanced work is needed, obviously this costs more. Do you want to work with us and need more information about pricing? Don’t hesitate and get in touch!

How long does it take to see results?

In the first few weeks, it is mainly about collecting data and looking at what the target group responds to. This is a matter of testing. Based on this data, we can create even better and more targeted advertisements, making the promotion even more powerful. We often do after the second week. Usually, the relevant company already sees good results after a month.
When it comes to a finding a right person for a job, it is filled 9 out of 10 times after a month
With the promotion of brand awareness you will see results the same day.

How long does it take before we can start?

This is mainly due to mutual contact. If approval has been given on the offer and the tailor- made plan, we aim to start within one week.

What is the notice period to stop your service?

If you want to terminate the cooperation with our company, you have a notice period of 1 month.