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Stands for Business to Consumer. Your company therefore supplies goods or services to private individuals.

We can provide B2C companies with online and offline marketing strategies in various ways. We can manage the socials, we can devise an (offline) marketing strategy or we can apply social advertising.

In our opinion, social advertising is the most powerful and valuable tool that we can apply for a B2C company. With this we advertise a product or service for your company via Facebook and Instagram.

We create a fun and effective campaign with a powerful lead magnet that will make customers convert earlier. The Facebook and Instagram ad will be featured on people's timelines. This allows us to create new customers and realize the "impulse" purchase. By this we mean that people had no idea at all about purchasing the product or service today. But due to an effective advertisement that suddenly appears on their timeline, they click through and end up on the website or webshop. Here they can actually purchase the product or service. With this form of online marketing we thus create a whole new target group of potential customers, as it were.

With social media advertising we can quickly boost turnover and realize a nice profit. What we can also apply with this is increasing name / brand awareness or filling vacancies.

In addition to this powerful form of online marketing, it is of course always good to have your social channels in order. You can see Instagram as the business card of your company. Your current followers will appreciate it if you regularly post something relevant to your business. By posting frequently, Facebook and Instagram also give your (company) page priority in the algorithm. This will put you at the top of the timeline of your followers and in the "discover" page.

Here an example from one of our customers. The duration of these advertisements is from May 4 to 18. During this time we have converted € 564.89 advertising budget into € 7335.86 in revenue. This is of course a very nice result that we are proud of.

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