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Stands for Business to Business. Your company provides goods or services to other companies.

We can help B2B companies in offline and online marketing strategies. We can manage social channels such as LinkedIn. or run paid campaigns to increase name / brand awareness.

The LinkedIn platform is the most suitable and most important for B2B companies. Here you show what your company stands for, what you do and what you are doing. It is important that this is in top order so that potential customers know what you can do for them. Updates and blogs can be posted to make your company look like a specialized company. Vacancies can also be placed on it. Employees can also be linked to the company page so that customers can see who they are in contact with. It is therefore increasingly important to have all this in order. When your page is properly arranged you will also reach many more people.

75% of the total workforce has a LinkedIn profile. It is a shame not to be active within this target group. The Dutchman is one of the most active countries on LinkedIn.

A lead via LinkedIn can be of great value. A lead for a B2C customer can go up to several thousand euros, while a lead for a B2C company can go up to several hundred thousand euros. A lead on LinkedIn is often a lot more valuable than a lead via Instagram or Facebook.

In addition to the correct management of the LinkedIn page, it is also possible to advertise on the platform. This is a bit more expensive compared to Facebook and Instagram. This makes sense when you consider the potential value of one lead. Everything is possible at Maximizd. From managing your company page to advertising various products or services on behalf of your company.

A professional Linkedin page is the key to the success of a B2B company to achieve more profit.

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