About us - Maximizd

Dean van der Klaauw


Nice to meet you! My name is Dean van der Klaauw, I am 23 years old. After my education in Business & Manage, I was active in floriculture for a year. It was a year full of fun and educational moments, but I still had the urge to make my own plans. So I did this. In that time I immersed myself in e-commerce and ran a number of successful webshops. I am still amazed today what the power of e-commerce can mean for my own but also your company! Are you ready to discover this too? Do not hesitate any longer and contact Maximizd for a personalized plan!

Boy van Niel


My name is Boy van Niel, 23 years old and I have been active in the e-commerce industry for a few years. I like entrepreneurship and challenges. That’s why I was able to start full-time for myself in April 2019. I’ve set up various web shops with various products. I sold these products through facebook and instagram ads. I’ve noticed that this can be very powerful when you master it well. While I was working on this, many requests from companies came in if I could help them with this. That is why I started Maximizd with two fellow entrepreneurs: Dean van der Klaauw and Jessy Greeve. We hope that in the future we can help many companies to achieve excellent results.
My specialties lie mainly in advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

Jessy Greeve


My name is Jessy Greeve (26 years old), as a former employee of an import and export company, I’ve already been in quite a few meetings with customers and completed a ton of negotiations. I noticed that many acquisitions, marketing and other actions in companies are still carried out the old-fashioned way. That in itself does not matter, but it can be much easier and faster! In addition, with the right approach, amazing results can be achieved. When I left the company I started to delve further and further into Digital Marketing because I think the possibilities are fantastic. I also enjoy bringing the right people together for good collaborations. But I think it's great that I now help companies maximize their profit and social presence.

If your company could use a refreshing and take advantage of all the opportunities that digital marketing offers at the same time, then Maximizd is the right place for you.

Donna van der Lee

Creative Director

Nice to meet you, my name is Donna van der Lee and I'm 20 years young. I am currently studying Creative Business at the University of The Hague. Because of this education I am very busy with media and I use creative thinking techniques to get the best results. I started as an intern at Maximizd and now I work as a Creative Director. I give a creative touch to all ideas.

In 2020 it's getting harder and harder to keep up, you have to think creatively and be innovative to stay one step ahead. Maximizd offers a strong helping hand and support to develop a stronger competitive position for you in the market.

I've seen results from Maximizd's clients and I love how the men work. It still surprises me every now and then when I see what Maximizd brings to customers. You have to invest money to make money.